menghai shou puerh

Hello Tea Lovers! Here’s a list of some new teas that came in this fall and are now available at our Barcelona Teahouse and online teashop:

White Tea

Mandala White Butterflies (Nepal):

Organic White Shangrila (Nepal):

White Beauty of Sanxia (Taiwan):


Green Tea

Organic Gyokuro Premium Saemidori (Japan):

Gaba Yabukita Green (Japan):

Old Mountain Lao Shan (China):

Lu Shan Clouds and Mist (China):

Organic Sencha Zen Cha Saemidori (Japan):

Long Jing Old Trees Long Jing (China):

Bright Emerald Cui Ming (China):

Wild Nokcha (Korea):


Yellow Tea

Huo Shan Huang Ya (China):


Himalaya Tea

Supernatural Goddess of Mist (Nepal):

Supernatural Goddess of Spring Beauty (Nepal):

Organic Darjeeling Ambootia Ambrosia (India):


Oolong Tea

Almond Aroma Xing Ren Dan Cong (China):

Wild Huang Zhi Dan Cong Orange Blossom: (China):

Saemidori Oolong (Japan):

Dong Ding Traditional Charcoal Roast (Taiwan):

4 Seasons Spring (Taiwan):


Black Tea

Awakening Dian Hong (China):

Shandong Chocolate Hong Cha (China):


Puerh Tea

2005 Menghai Private Production:

2012 Blind Mist Shou:

2016 Bingdao Shou Puerh Icy Island:

2019 Root Bulang Shou: