Tea Music

Anthony Moreno, the founder of Caj Chai, is releasing a Tea Record!!! He’ll be launching the tea music album “Yellow Mountain Bird Song” at Galería Mutuo on Friday, October 11th at 8pm. Tickets may be purchase on Eventbrite clicking here.

This zen piano record is the fruit of the alchemy of personal transformation and healing that a beautiful bird song inspired in Anthony Moreno at Yellow Mountain (Huangshan, China). It is a tea and music experience created in collaboration with his friend, musician and producer Juan Rodríguez Berbín.

On October 11th they will be performing improvisations based on the improvisations of the album. They will be joined by Wu De, renown Zen and Tea Monk who will simultaneously be offering a tea ceremony. This record is an invitation to sit down for 70 minutes and enjoy tea and music from the heart.

Yellow Mountain Bird Song is intuitive, improvisational music that comes from the heart. It is meditative music for inner travels and relaxation. It pays tribute to the famous expression “ichi-go ichi-e” (one moment, one chance), a core motif to the Japanese Tea Ceremony, an ode to the ephemeral, resting in the authenticity of the present moment -the unrepeatably spontaneity of now- to invoke the purest expression.

The record will be also soon be available for purchase at Caj Chai Teahouse and on our webpage.