After 2 years of constantly adapting to an unpredictable present, it seems that there is no longer too much concern about Covid … and hence it’s a good time to make a change in our terrace that we had been thinking of implementing when the pandemic came and dismantled everyone’s plans.

For many years we’ve had a “Shared Table”at Caj Chai teahouse. This is a table where anyone can sit, alone or accompanied, have their tea, perhaps read quietly or write or paint and perhaps, thanks to the improvised situation, you might end up talking to someone and have a great conversation with somebody new.

This approach is unusual in Spain but in other countries it is not. In fact, I first experienced it as a client when I had just landed in Prague and was told in a restaurant that they were full but that they had a table I could sit at. And just like that  I was eating at the table of a Czech couple and the truth is that it seemed very strange to me, I mean I didn’t even speak Czech, but it was usual to do that there and I ended up liking it because in this way, over the years I met many interesting people.

So, when we implemented it in Caj Chai I knew that it was going to make a lot of people uncomfortable and that many would prefer to wait for their own table, but I also knew that a lot of people would be open to sharing a table and some unnexpected frienships would emerge and that’s really cool.

Right. Well now, after 2 years of the pandemic where we have all become a little distant from each other, I feel that it is time to offer you the “shared table” outside on our terrace. A place where everyone can come, sit -alone or accompanied-, have their tea and cake and maybe if the moment is such, perhaps meet somebody new you wouldn’t otherwwise sitting alone at  your private table. And for those of you who still want your own table, we understand, there will be plenty of tables for you inside.