Exclusive Tea Club

Do you really love tea? If so, our Exclusive Tea Club is just for you!!! Every 3 months we’ll be putting together a small selection of amazing teas that are normally not available at Caj Chai or, in some cases, which will be available eventually but which you’ll get to discover and enjoy before everybody else!

We’re offering two quarterly subscriptions (150 euros and 75 euros) to cater to different budgets. The difference being that this 150 euro subscription will contain all the teas of the 75 euro subscription (albeit with more quanity of each) and at least one new tea that is exclusive to the 150 euro subscription and not found in the 75 euro pack. Below you will links to both subscriptions. International subscribers are welcome as well but due to the much higher shipping costs we will reduce the gramage to offset this difference in shipping.

The subscription also includes a Bonus Virtual Tea Class which I will do live on Instagram TV and upload to You Tube in English and in Spanish. In these videos, each month I will explain the quarterly tea selection and answer your questions regarding the teas and their preparation, offering a chance for more in-depth sharing and learning!

Each season we will surprise you with a selection of exclusive teas. This selection is aimed at experienced tea enthusiasts who embrace the idea of being pleasantly surprised and beginners who welcome the notion of being guided as they enter the vast world of tea at the very top floor.

Upon purchasing this subscription you will be placed on our Club mailing list to be informed the date of our Bonus Virtual Class Live on Instagram TV and YouTube on our Caj Chai Teahouse channel!

Link to 75 euro Subscription: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/billing/plans/subscribe?plan_id=P-3XJ41565VK923751JL3L5KIQ

Link to 150 euros Subscriptionhttps://www.paypal.com/webapps/billing/plans/subscribe?plan_id=P-1Y9707482G762982XL3QH74I

******  Sign up by January/April/July/October 19th to receive the Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall Selection which will be shipped on January/April/July/October 24th or available for pick up at Caj Chai on January/April/July/October 20th.

75 euro Subscription