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We are finally releasing Yellow Mountain Bird Song Tea Vol. 1!!!

As many of you know, in October Anthony Moreno, the founder of Caj Chai, released the record Yellow Mountain Bird Song. It is an invitation to sit down for 70 minutes and enjoy tea and music from the heart. (Now is a good time to plug his next live Tea & Music ceremony/concert: https://teabarcelona.com/product/ceremonia-del-te-y-musica/)

This zen piano record is the fruit of the alchemy of personal transformation and healing that a beautiful bird song inspired in Anthony Moreno at Yellow Mountain (Huangshan, China).

Yellow Mountain Bird Song is intuitive, improvisational, meditative music for inner travels and relaxation. It pays tribute to the famous expression “ichi-go ichi-e” (one moment, one chance), a core motif to the Japanese Tea Ceremony, an ode to the ephemeral, resting in the authenticity of the present moment -the unrepeatably spontaneity of now- to invoke the purest expression.

The record is available at the teahouse and comes with a carefully blended tea that Anthony made to accompany the music. When you purchase the record online it doesn’t come with the tea since that would then involve shipping costs, so we decided to sell the record online a little cheaper but have listened to those of you outside Barcelona who can’t come personally to the teahouse and those of you who have wanted to purchase more once you finished what came with the record and so here it is. This is Yellow Mountain Bird Song Vol. 1 because just as the music itself is improvised, Anthony will be creating more limited edition blends in the future.

This particular blend is meant to be enjoyed as “bowl tea” that means placing about 3 grams of the blend in a nice bowl or chawan and adding hot water. That’s it! In this tea preparation you don’t follow brewing times, you just enjoy the tea as it is, as it changes. We invite you to then just stay focused on the tea and music as a meditation, or as a relaxing mind travelling experience and add more water as many times as you like while listening to the music. Obviously, the tea is also great on its own, without the music. Or you can listen to other music or drink other teas, in any we’d love to hear your feedback on how this tea and music inspires you!

This blend, like the music that inspired it, is not easily classifiable so we decided to include it in 3 categories: white tea, oolong tea and herbal tea. This tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day, even right before bed as it contains GABA which helps make for a good night’s rest in addition to many other health properties.

In addition to GABA oolong it contains Wild Puerh Bud white tea and the herb Jiaogulan (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum), which translates as “the herb of inmortality.” You may never have heard of it but I encourage you to look online and you will find extensive research on its properties with regard to cancer, cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

The blend itself is nuanced in flavor as over the course of various steepings you will find the different ingredients expressing themselves at their own pace in a wonderful dance that is also pleasing to the eye! Enjoy!!!