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Summer Tea Classes and Ceremonies

Saturday, June 30, 11:00-13:00: Introduction to Green Tea (Japan/China)

Green Tea is the perfect refreshing drink for the Summer and happens to be the genre of tea that is most popular in China and Japan. In this 2 hour workshop we’re going to discuss the main differences between Chinese and Japanese tea and enjoy various magnifect examples of Chinese and Japanese green teas. We’ll discuss each tea, comment what makes each one special and enjoy the wide array of flavors green tea offers us.

Limited Seating. Reserve at Čaj Chai Barcelona. Price: 30€ or 25€ for Čaj Chai Club members. Your participation grants you a 10% discount on all of your tea and tea accessory purchases made on the day of the event.


Saturday, July 21 at 9:30-11:30. Global Tea Hut Gathering

Do you like tea and meditation?
Global Tea Hut is a tea community created by Tea Sage Hut, a non-profit organization based in Taiwan which serves as a tea and mediatation temple and school dedicatedto promoting the tea leaf, organic and sustainable agriculture, and tea’s potential as a transforming element inviting harmony into our lives.

Every month we gather at Ceremonia del Té for a Global Tea Hut gathering where we share a meditation session, tea ceremony and speak about all things tea related. We share the tea of the month and comment on the monthly Global Tea Hut magazine articles or topics.

For more info about Global Tea Hut please visit
If you’d like to participate or know more, please contact Antonio at 610334712 or by email


Friday, July 27, 19:00-20:30 and 22:00-23:00 Tea & Sound Experience with Sonando 道 (Lunar Eclipse Edition)

Michie Kuwashima: tibetan bowls; Guillermo Rizzotto: guitar sound textures; Antonio Moreno: Tea Ceremony

The Tea Ceremony is a precious chance for deep relaxation and sacred space to nourish ourselves and reconnect. We connect with nature through the tea leaves, we connect to ourselves through our meditation and we connect to others through the shared experience.

We will begin with a short welcome and introduction before commencing. We will then proceed with the tea ceremony, sharing a few cups or bowls of tea in silence. Lastly, we’ll save a little time for questions and for sharing our experience etc.

This tea ceremony will flow accompanied by a live sound experience performed by Sonando道

Sonando makes sound scapes that lead us to our Inner Silence. Tibetan bowls and ambient guitar textures fuse together with the vibrations of the participants, inviting us to a meditative space where each encounter is unique and ephemeral, just as in life… ichi-go ichi-e.

We invite you to live the present, where we’ll hold space for something to emerge and transform towards simplicity and oneness.

Limited Seating. Reserve at Čaj Chai Barcelona Teahouse. Price: 25€.


Saturday, July 28. 11:00-12:30: Iced Tea Workshop

Summer is here and we all love to cool off with a refreshing iced tea! Čaj Chai Teahouse will teach you how to make some interesting and creative summer teas that really hit the spot!

We’ll show you a few different Iced Tea brewing methods and give you some fresh ideas so you can have the perfect iced tea for any occasion! Of course, this workshop includes a small tasting of a variety of Iced Teas we will prepare for this special occasion.

Limited Seating. Reserve at Čaj Chai Barcelona Teahouse. Price: 25€ / 22€ Club Čaj Chai. Your participation grants you a 10% discount on all your tea and teaware purchases made on the day of the event.