desserts barcelona

Sweets, pastries, desserts? As tea lovers and tea specialists tea will always be the primary focus and identity of Čaj Chai Barcelona Teahouse. But the truth is many of our customers initially don’t come for the tea! Perhaps they come because they heard about our wonderful little teahouse. Or perhaps they like tea as opposed to coffee but don’t really aspire to be connoisseurs. Or perhaps they’re passing by and love our style and the aroma brings them inside for a look and then they sit down without really knowing what we’re truly bringing to the table…they just love the atmosphere and let themselves be guided by their intuition!

And what brings them back time and time again? I’d love to say it’s the tea (and in an inconscious way I truly believe the plant medicine is bringing them back), but on a conscious level… it’s the full experience: the tea, the service, the people, the atmosphere and the PASTRIES!!! So let’s talk about them delectable delights just a little…

As tea purists, we don’t put sugar on our tables and we invite our guests to discover and savour the uniqueness of each tea in its natural state. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for sweets, because there clearly is… and I’ll be so bold to say the perfect moment is right between the third and fourth steepings of a very fine tea! Yes!!! It’s at that precise moment when a little indulgement will be best appreciated by the now open mouth and fully receptive body!

So after sipping amazing, healthy tea from across the globe and travelling through the imagined scenery, stories, lifestyles that provoke our evolving senses and ease our souls… it is only fair that the delicacies on offer rise to this joyous occasion! That is… that you continue to blisfully travel with delights from Japan, India, Northern Africa, United States and beyond… and that these be produced with the same dedication and emphasis on quality as our teas.

But see, at Čaj Chai Teahouse we believe in taking care of our bodies and minds. We also believe the world is full of sugary excesses. So that’s a real conundrum, isn’t it? Well no, actually. That’s the thing… the times have changed, our bodies too! Amazing sweets don’t have to be heavy and unhealthy. They can be light and balanced. They can also be vegan and/or gluten-free as currently these have nothing to envy of their glutinous, dairy-laden cousins! We work with amazing pastry artists! The very best gelatería in Barcelona makes our artisanal Gelato and Tea Sorbets (that would be DelaCrem, of course). Milola makes our voraciously good vegan,gluten-free brownies and cookies. Honey-B makes our delicious Dorayaki and we haven’t even begun talking about our incredible mochis, daifuku, arab and indian pastries… guess we’ll save those for next time!

Hope to see you soon at the teahouse!!!

Photography by Fernando Polvorosa García. Instagram: @ferpolgar