Čaj Chai Teahouse Barcelona

The space that is today Čaj Chai Teahouse Barcelona is over 600 years old, and it’s been many things throughout its rich history in the Barcelona Gothic Quarter, which was once the Jewish Quarter or Jewish Ghetto. Just before we rented the place in 2004, it had been a furniture warehouse for over 40 years and was still stocked with overstock from yesteryear. We kept what we wanted for the teahouse and that’s why for 11 years you always found an ecclectic blend of recycled furniture from the 60’s and 70’s.

This old furniture created a very Bohemian atmosphere that went perfectly with tea, but they were breaking more and more frequently as they got older. Finally, we needed to overhaul the furniture and ordered specially handmade Italian bamboo woven chairs that arrived last month.

I hope you like them and appreciate their comfort! I have to say this change is big; it changes the space in unpredictable, and even unfathomable ways. Not to mention in terms of feng shui, which improved tremendously in such a natural and unintentional way!

Nevertheless, I have to say that for me, when I first put each new chair in its place, I took a step back, took a look, and felt they had always been there. A very strange and powerful feeling indeed, but it says volumes about how integrated they are. We hope you find its a great improvement despite the initial surprise (we know how much you liked our old, quirky chairs!).