tea ceremonies and workshops

Dear tea lovers,

In facing these difficult times it’s important to stay healthy, positive and strong. Doctors also say how important it is to stay well hydrated and recommend drinking warm beverages (among the many other sanitary recomendations). Warm beverages are particularly important at this time as this Coronavirus first attacts our throat before attacking our respiratory system. Prevention is always the most important defense and to that end I believe that drinking warm tea throughout the day is one more step in the right direction in addition to being the beverage that I love and thus find soothing, comforting, inspiring, calming, stimulating and much more.

As part of our shared effort in finding and spreading peace and relaxation around the world we’ve set up regular Virtual Tea Ceremonies every Wednesday at 11h (Barcelona time) and Saturdays at 17h (Barcelona time).

We’ve also set up a regular Virtual Tearoom every Wednesday at 17h.

You can find all info to these events we host on Zoom at this link:


Wishing you all the very best,