This month brings us closer to Winter and whets the appetite for teas that warm our bodies, hearts and soils… teas which we’ll want to stay inside and brew for hours on end. Teas that bring comfort and beg us to invite over dear friends and spend quality time together.

So we selecting some special new teas to introduce at this time that meet our criteria:

White Tea:

Moonlight White Snow Chrysanthemum:


Oolong Tea

Jin Xuan GABA:

Wu Yi Shan Bai Ji Guan “White Cockscomb”:

Ya Shi Dan Cong “Duck Shit Fragrance”:


Black Tea (Hong Cha or Red Tea)

Benifuuki Koucha Japanese Red Tea:

Jin Jun Mei (Pure Wuyi Golden Buds):



2014  Forest Fortnight Shou Puerh:

2016 Jingmai Cha Gao Shou Puerh:

2018 Jingmai Light Meets Life Temple Gate: