May brings us 5 new specialty teas! Antonio just returned from a long trip to China where he visited tea producing friends in Jingmai Yunnan and made 4 very special limited-edition teas that we are now offering. Afterwards he travelled to Anxi and Phoenix Mountain, two very important areas that gave rise to two very important types of oolong. We are now offering a very limited quantity of oolong tea made from old-trees. Soon he’ll be writing a Blog post on this trip, we encourage you to visit the Instagram pages for Caj Chai Teahouse and Barcelona Tea Ceremony to see some photos and videos. Here are the links for our 5 new teas:


Gui Hua “Osmanthus Flower” Dan Cong:


Raw Green Sheng Puerh

Jingmai Yellow Flake Pink Moon Huang Pian:

Jingmai Ancient Tree Gu Shu Mao Cha:


Black Tea (Hong Cha-Traditional Red Tea)

Jingmai Red Sun-Dried Dian Hong:

Jingmai Red Dry-Roasted Hong Cha: