Tetería | Barcelona Teahouse Casa de Té

A new year begins and we have lots of great ideas in the wings for 2017. Caj Chai Teahouse is always evolving, always growing, always striving to improve and we’ve made a bunch of new year’s resolutions that are going to revolutionize what we are doing at the teahouse to better serve you. As you know, change is constant, nothing stays the same… you either change or you remain stagnant and stagnancy is the source of all illness. Nevertheless, we never really have to brainstorm to think of ways of improving because it’s a natural process. Things happen, you adapt and pave a new way under the same guiding light and staying true to your essence and principles. We really have to thank you, our faithful customers and friends for your patronage, friendship and constant reminder that we can always improve!


We wish you all a marvelous 2017 full of prosperity, health, abundance and happiness! 2017 is really going to be a big year at our teahouse with lots of incredible, rare, organic teas coming your way and lots of tea teachings and tea ceremonies to share with you.


Hope to see you again soon!