Dear Tea Lovers,

Spring is here! Organic First Flush Shincha and many other very fine early Spring 2019 teas have arrived over the past month (some have already sold out, such as the Organic Aracha Kirishima). Here’s a short list with our first recommendations of the 2019 harvest.

White Tea:

Organic  Darjeeling Puttabong Moondrops:

Green Tea:

Competition Grade Bi Luo Chun:

Organic Shincha Sofu “Green Wind”:

Shincha Chumushi Saemidori:

Organic Shincha Kabuse Asanoka:

Organic Gyokuro Okuyutaka:

Kabuse Yabukita Kirishima:

Organic Matcha Midori #2:

Oolong Tea:

8 Immortals Ba Xian Dan Cong:

Himalya Tea:

Organic Darjeeling Turzum Wonder:

Organic Darjeeling Tukdah: