barcelona teahouse

Now that summer is ending and we get back to our Barcelona routines, we’d like to fill you in on some amazing new teas that came in this summer and especially over the past few days. Come visit our Barcelona teahouse (or purchase online) and try these specialties… I guarantee you’re going to be impressed and fall in love with more than a few!


Green Tea:

Shincha Sencha Chumushi Saemidori:

Organic Sencha Zen Cha Saemidori:

Organic Sencha Morning Dew Asatsuyu:

Organic Gyokuro Caj Chai Asatsuyu:

Organic Kabuse Okumidori:

Organic Genmaicha:

Organic Matcha Midori Caj Chai #2:

Organic Culinary Matcha Caj Chai #3:

Darjeeling Rohini Green Tea:

Competition Grade Bi Luo Chun:

Long Jing Dragon Well Old Trees:

Zhu Ye Qing Bamboo Leaf Green:

Sweet Dew Menging Gan  Lu:


Oolong Tea:

Organic Gaba Jin Xuan:

Dong Ding Style Gao Shan Cha:

Wild Gangkou Oolong:

Wuyi Mingjian Medium Roast:

Green Heart Baozhong (Pouchong):

Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Gold Medal Winner:


Black Tea:

Organic Kuwapani Special Himalayan SF: